Indoor Air Quality & Disinfection Cleaning

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Indoor Air Quality & Ventilation Solutions 

Wall-mounted PurifierQuadruple your air change rates to 12 times per hour with our Chemical-free total ventilation solution for Schools, Buildings, Office Spaces, etc.

UVC In-Duct Photocatalytic OxidationTurn your AC System into an advanced air purifier incorporating Photocatalytic Oxidation (PCO) with UVC 254nm light.

You are what you breathe

Air Quality

Try White Coat Air Quality services for ventilation enhancement solutions.  We must take new disinfecting standards seriously. If we have learned one thing recently, it is you are what you breathe. We take your health and lifestyle seriously. Surface and air quality standards are paramount for a quality life for our schools, offices, and buildings.

Surface Deep Cleaning & Disinfection Services

Emergency Response CleaningWe can mobilize and respond rapidly for Emergency Response Cleaning services. We are Certified Specialists in Environmental Decontamination and your concerns are ours.

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Certified Decontamination SpecialistsWe provide hospital grade surface disinfection. We use List N disinfectants and only EPA-registered and scientifically validated products and techniques. Also, we offer a 6-stage Air disinfection service for continuous Indoor Air Quality. Call us with any questions.

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Dr Michael Gampolo

Dr. Michael Gampolo

Orlando City Health and Wellness

We use White Coat Disinfecting for all of our disinfecting needs at our office. We are really excited to have White Coat as part of our disinfecting team here at Orlando City Health and Wellness. I recommend using White Coat Disinfecting for your business or home.

A clean place is a safe place

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