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A clean place is a safe place

We provide hospital grade surface disinfection for medical, commercial, residential properties, and vehicles. We use List N disinfectants and only EPA-registered and scientifically validated products and techniques. Our ONE-TWO punch solution elevates disinfection to the next level.

National Institute of Decontamination SpecialistsWe are Certified Specialists in Environmental Decontamination by (NIDS) National Institute of Decontamination Specialists. We use only EPA-registered and scientifically validated techniques against many other known pathogens and the current COVID-19 virus.

Reopen Safely

Reopen with Confidence and a Clean Certification from Professional Disinfection Specialists.

This service provides you with an Official Certification to post in your window, showing the client, customer, employee or loved one that you’ve been professionally disinfected and are safe and protected based on the date on the service.

Partnering up to Open upSafely.

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A Clean Place is a Safe Place

Studies show that the cleanliness of your home and the wellness of your family are closely related. Now more than ever before we want our homes safe and clean.

We are endeavoring to keep our world clean and green with class. We are certified to sanitize and disinfect the insides of businesses homes and cars. Let us help you take care of your loved ones and keep your employees safe as well. They’ll love you for it.

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“We are taking every safety precaution necessary, to provide a safe and therapeutic healing environment here at Orlando City Health and Wellness! We had our office professionally disinfected by White Coat Building Wash today. Don’t just take my word for it though, ask them, they’re certified to disinfectant your business, car, home and even hospitals!”

Dr Michael Gampolo

Dr. Michael Gampolo

Orlando City Health and Wellness

A clean place is a safe place


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