We are a Coronavirus Cleaning Company in Winter Park FL

We provide EPA List N Disinfection for commercial businesses, schools, medical facilities, residential properties, and vehicles. 

Advanced Solutions

As a Coronavirus Cleaning Company headquartered in Winter Park FL, we only use EPA List-N Disinfectants plus an antimicrobial solution depending if the facility requires sanitation, disinfection, or sterilization. In other words, we would treat a school playground differently than a Nursing Home.

In addition to List-N Disinfectants approved for use against Coronavirus, we use a unique patented formula of the Antimicrobial Solution which kills 99.99% microbes in broad spectrum. The Antimicrobials we use have residual killing properties on surfaces,. This greatly reduces cross contamination.

Next-Level Service

The Antimicrobial Solution is water based and does not contain alcohol or bleach. Additionally, it is EPA environmental friendly, safe for kids, non flammable, will not leach into blood, and will not oxidize. This solution forms a protective layer over any surface and protects against the possibility of a Superbug forming because of the killing power.

This offers a next level service because we use List-N Disinfectants, plus this Antimicrobial solution for SUPERIOR disinfection. Please discuss with our Winter Park home disinfection team your preference and options.

Certified in Environmental Disinfection

Our Certified Specialists use tested Solution dilutions and EPA’s List-N Disinfectants AND EPA-approved Advanced Antimicrobial solutions so that you can be confident in a clean and safe space. As a bonus our Advanced Antimicrobial solution provides residual protection.

We are Certified in Environmental Disinfection by the National Institute of Decontamination Specialists (NIDS).

WHITE-OUT!Large Event Venues Require AIR ATTACK

Disinfecting Large Events 

Our Coronavirus cleaning company has Electrostatic Disinfection Services and offers Electrostatic Spraying Drone Disinfection using EPA List N disinfectants. Venues such as stadiums, warehouses, distribution centers, malls, and hangars benefit from fast coverage and turn around for a clean and safe facility.

  • 200,000 square feet per hour
  • 14 times faster than regular foggers
  • Constant electrostatic spraying of atomized chemicals for evenly distribution and application
  • Approximately 10 minute dwell times to kill 99.9% of viruses and other pathogens


Every large open venue appreciates a good fly-over!

The One-Two Punch

and Pro Disinfection & Decontamination

The ONE-TWO PUNCH method: Not only do we disinfect with List N disinfectants, our Coronavirus Cleaning Company in Winter Park FL also adds huge value by using Ultrasonic Devices with enhanced spraying techniques. We use an Advanced Antimicrobial solution, which disinfects hard to reach, high-touch areas. As a bonus, those surfaces are protected from being re-contaminated because it has residual killing properties on surfaces. These solutions are EPA registered and scientifically validated. The Department of Defense uses this same product.

This Enhanced Spraying technique is used for schools, homes, daycares, hospitals, vehicles and businesses. It is even safe for children’s toys making it ideal for kitchens, restaurants, daycare centers, retail services, corporate spaces, etc. Our Coronavirus Cleaning Company White Coat WHITE-OUT! Facility Service will allow you to post an Official Certification in the window, showing your customers, employees, and loved ones that it is professionally sanitized and is still protected from the date on certificate.

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