Air disinfection is a crucial step in keeping your workplace safe and ensuring the health, breathability, and comfort of indoor air. A wall-mounted air purifier is a budget-friendly option that offers many benefits for your health and business. Here are a few:

Why Install a Wall-Mounted Air Purifier?

1. Increase Air Ventilation & Quality

By improving indoor air ventilation, a wall-mounted purifier helps reduce the risk of spreading airborne viruses, including COVID-19. Increased airflow is also key to preventing high humidity and the dangers and damage that comes with it, such as bacteria and mold growth, indoor air pollutants, and warped floors, windows, door frames, and wooden furniture. Air purifiers that offer air disinfection capabilities, utilizing UV-C and HEPA filter technology will clean the air and keep it moving.

Winter Park Air Disinfection

2. Keep Children Safe

A wall-mounted unit is a smart investment for a parent who works from home or for a business that works with children. Children are often more sensitive to pollutants in the air, as they breathe in m

ore oxygen relative to their body weight than adults. This makes dust, dirt, dander, and mold genuine risks to a child’s health, which is why an air purifier is so important. But a wall-mounted unit has another advantage for children: It is off the floor and well out of their reach, so they are in no danger of toppling the machine and suffering an injury or fiddling with the controls and impacting the unit’s performance.

3. Improve Air in Smaller Spaces

When air disinfection is a priority in smaller rooms and offices, a wall-mounted air purifier is ideal. Because they attach directly to the wall, they don’t take up precious space on the floor and overcrowd the room. This will help keep smaller workspaces organized and free of clutter while enjoying the benefits of cleaner air.

Experience these air disinfection benefits with a wall-mounted purifier from White Coat Disinfecting. Since 1995, they have served the Winter Park and Orlando, FL, regions. Their wall-mounted units utilize UV 254 nm wavelength bulbs, have HEPA filters, carbon photocatalyst filters and anion generators to significantly improve indoor air quality and ventilation. White Coat Disinfecting also provides surface disinfection and cleaning and decontamination services for all types of businesses. Call (321) 795-9800 or visit them online to request an estimate.

You are what you breathe.

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