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It’s Time to Bring Employees Back to Workplace Safely

by | Aug 10, 2021

Many businesses are struggling to convince their employees it’s safe to return. And much of their worry involves air quality and the spreading of contagions. How can employers meet this challenge? It’s time to CLEAR THE AIR.

Epidemiologists and bioaerosol scientists who study viruses recommend enhanced ventilation measures in the workplace as a layered approach to help keep employees safe. With proper ventilation pathogens such as coronavirus, new variants, mold spores, VOCs, pollen, allergens and the common cold can be effectively reduced. Note what was stated in the July 20, 2021 article Circumventing Covid-19 with Better Ventilation and Air Quality:

 “Given that infectious agents such as viruses and bacteria are tiny particles and can remain suspended in the air for long times, increased ventilation coupled with filtration systems that trap pathogens and other particles has the potential to reduce airborne transmission of infectious disease.”

Ventilation Enhancements

Ventilation enhancements for the office include greatly intensifying ventilation. A complete chemical free solution can renew the air 12 times per without chemicals. It includes:

In-duct UVGI with PCO

  • UVC In-Duct Photocatalytic OxidationFirst, the HVAC system. In-duct UVGI with PCO because the molecular reaction of UV light with titanium dioxide offers a next-level air quality solution. These systems destroy organic threats, viruses, and remove harmful VOCs. By destroying airborne threats in-duct, pathogens are removed before they recirculate through the HVAC system. This effectively reduces the chance of being infected by others in the workplace.

In-room 6 Stage Air Disinfectors

  • Wall mounted White Coat Air DisinfectorSecond, 6 stage UVC with HEPA Air Disinfectors installed in every office. Air Disinfectors clean the air by filtering out viruses and bacteria. This method of filtration removes fine particulate matter in the 2.5 PM range, which is where coronavirus and new variants predominately fall. While HEPA filters address the removal of both smaller and larger particles, the addition of activated carbon filters will absorb VOCs.  

When employees are made aware of the effective mitigation measures taken by their employers, it provides reassurance that it is safe to return. Employees can literally breathe easy knowing their workplace is safer through greatly enhanced ventilation. If there is one thing this pandemic has taught us, it is You Are What You Breathe.

At White Coat we offer Indoor Air Quality Services in Orlando and throughout the US. Schedule the installation of your in-duct UVGI PCO units and turn your entire AC system into an air purifier. The White Coat 6-stage HEPA Air Disinfector offers 6-stages air filtration and quadruples ventilation rates to 12 changes per hour. Both wall-mounted and floor models are offered; and are complete with a digital display so you can see the air.  For air filtration systems in Orlando and throughout the US call 321.795.9800. We work with both large and small businesses and schools to improve indoor air quality. 

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