Air pollution is one of the most significant environmental challenges that affect public health across the world. Imagine a world where air quality improvements are permanent, skies are clear blue, and the number of deaths caused by air pollution is diminished.

It may seem almost implausible, but with White Coat’s latest innovative technology, safer air is possible. We now provide air disinfection services with our cutting edge 6-stage Air Disinfectors that treat indoor air quality for active viruses and bacteria, including the latest threat, COVID-19.

Do You Know Your PM Readings?

What is your PM?Assessing whether long-term exposure to air pollution increases the severity of COVID-19 health outcomes is a significant public health objective. Did you know that Fine particles (2.5 PM) pose the most significant health risk, which is where the recent COVID-19 virus predominately measures? Air filtration is among healthcare’s first lines of defense against infectious particles. With every complete air change, a large percentage of dangerous particles are removed. Without proper filtration, fine particles can get deep into the lungs and, sometimes, the bloodstream, causing severe health problems. So in order to provide clean air, we traveled the country to find the cleanest air with one objective on our mind; To bring awareness to poor indoor air quality and get your IAQ readings as close as possible to the purest natural air.

What Are the 6 Stages of Filtration?

Our highly effective air disinfectors are suitable for offices, public spaces and homes, providing complete air cleaning for medium to large rooms. Our air disinfectors are effective at killing a broad range of pathogens, such as the current SARS-COV2. For this, it has six stages of filtration:

  1. Pre-Filter effectively blocks large particles (e.g., hair, lint)
  2. HEPA, which filters 99.9% of PM10 (e.g., mold, dust mites, pollen, some large bacteria) and PM2.5 (e.g., small bacteria, viruses like Coronavirus)
  3. Activated Carbon Filter for the absorption of volatile organic compounds
  4. Photocatalyst Filter that combines with UV Light, which degrades formaldehyde and other pollutants, gases, VOCs
  5. UV Light to effectively kill common bacteria and viruses that passed the HEPA Filter
  6. Anion Generator removes harmful substances created by electromagnetic waves by neutralizing and removing positive ions – plus humidity control

White Coat Air Disinfector
White Coat Air Disinfector
White Coat Air Disinfector

While daily life doesn’t look like it did pre-pandemic, it was imperative for our company to take steps to ensure cleaner air in the future and think about infection prevention. To help reduce COVID-19-related outbreaks and other health impacts, our highly effective Air Disinfectors are here to remove dangerous pathogens from indoor air. “The CDC is aggressively responding to the global outbreak of COVID-19, and so is White Coat,” says President and CEO Jeremy Drake. “Business owners everywhere are looking to ensure customer safety upon reopening, and a big part of that is disinfecting every inch of a room.” At White Coat, we are committed to helping our customers take all the careful steps to keep their homes and businesses safe. If you have any questions about our new air disinfection services and how we can help in keeping you safe and clean space, be sure to contact our dedicated team today for a free reading of your IAQ.

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