The power of UVC light and its ability to kill coronavirus, bacteria, and other dangerous pathogens have been known for over a century. Now, UVC light is being used to combat airborne transmission of SARS-CoV-2. Why? Germicidal UVC Light 254 nm will inactivate coronavirus within seconds.

Integrating UVC Light in HVAC Systems to Keep the Air Clean and Safe

On March 22, 2021, ASHRAE Epidemic Task Force provided updated recommendations for commercial buildings to reduce exposure to SARS-CoV-2. Along with other preventative measures, their recommendations include installing Germicidal UVC light in HVAC systems. When UVC Light is installed in the AC ducts, coronavirus and other airborne pathogens will be killed before it has the chance to circulate throughout the HVAC system. But not all HVAC UVC light units are the same.

UVC In-Duct Photocatalytic OxidationIncorporating Photocatalytic Oxidation (PCO) with UVC 254nm light

At White Coat we install Germicidal UVC 254 nm light units with Photocatalytic Oxidation (PCO) in the HVAC system. PCO Germicidal UVC light works to keep the air in your building’s air ducts clean and pure. The Photocatalytic Oxidation process combines UVC irradiation with a substance (catalyst) titanium dioxide (TIO2), which results in a reaction that changes malignant contaminants into water, carbon dioxide and detritus.

This molecular reaction of ultraviolet light with titanium dioxide (TIO2) is NEXT LEVEL for HVAC-UVC systems. These PCO Germicidal UVC light units destroy organic threats, remove harmful VOCs and noxious odors and kill coronavirus while in the AC ducts so that it’s not released into the air through the HVAC system.

Turn your air conditioner into an air purifier with the White Coat In-Duct PCO Germicidal UV light unit for HVAC systems. Schools and businesses are implementing this technology as part of an overall air filtration and ventilation strategy to keep their teachers, students and employees safe. Reopen and stay open with confidence knowing you are doing everything you can to maintain a safe environment.

At White Coat we offer a chemical free total ventilation solution. Call us today to schedule the installation of your in-duct PCO UVC light units; and turn your air conditioning into an air purifier. We work with schools, buildings and office spaces of all sizes and budgets for HVAC UV light installations in Orlando, throughout Florida and beyond. Watch this brief animation to see how it works.

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