COVID-19 anxiety is at an all-time high, presenting school officials with new challenges. How do you reduce the risks of coronavirus and alleviate these fears?

While we all want to get back to the “old” normal, we also want to keep our students and schools safe with this “new” normal. With the uncertainty on how readily children can contract and spread coronavirus compared to adults, our company has implemented disinfecting protocols to help in maintaining a safe environment for students and staff. Committed to clean, our mission today reassures the education community that health and safety come first with disinfection services from White Coat.



    Disinfecting Schools in the Age of COVID-19

    When faced with new challenges, we asked ourselves, “does this contribute to our mission as a clean place is a safe place?” With our goal to consistently scale our disinfecting efforts, we are in correlation with many school leaders who are planning ahead by revamping existing infectious disease outbreak protocols. As Certified Specialists by the NIDS in Environmental Decontamination providing hospital grade surface disinfection, our advanced solutions can kill disease-causing pathogens and reduce the spread of SARS-CoV-2. And since we use List-N Disinfectants, plus a water-based Antimicrobial solution, this offers a next-level service for superior disinfection. Don’t wait to start protecting students, staff, and visitors with a comprehensive disinfection service plan. Utilize our safe, efficient, and cost-effective disinfectants approved for use against COVID-19 and have a safety plan in place.


      This School Year, Disinfect to Protect

      We know school administrations are taking the new disinfecting standards very seriously provided by the CDC. If we have learned one thing from the pandemic — it is: You are what you breathe. White Coat is here to work with you and navigate these unprecedented challenges, sharing disinfection strategies to help prevent the spread of infection and provide guidance on maintaining a clean, safe, and healthy operation. As your trusted partner, in order to achieve a higher grade of clean for your school, you need a team that understands your school’s specific disinfecting needs. Whether you run a grade school, high school, college, university, or trade school, our company is here to make sure you stay ahead of the curve in keeping your classrooms clean, your hallways hygienic, and your students protected. Contact a certified specialist today at 321-795-9800 to learn more about our professional disinfection services.

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