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We provide Indoor Air Quality Services with 6-stage Air Disinfectors and In-duct HVAC solutions. 

6 Stages of Filtration

  1. Pre-Filter, effectively blocks large particles (e.g., hair, lint)
  2. HEPA, which filters 99.9% of PM10 (e.g., mold, dust mites, pollen, some large bacteria) and PM2.5 (e.g. small bacteria, viruses like Coronavirus)
  3. Activated Carbon Filter for absorption of volatile organic compounds
  4. Photocatalyst Filter that combines with UV Light, which degrades formaldehyde and other pollutants, gases, VOCs
  5. UVC Disinfection Light to effectively kill common bacteria and viruses that passed the HEPA Filter
  6. Anion Generator, removes harmful substances created by electromagnetic waves by neutralizing and removing positive ions – plus humidity control


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Highly Effective

Do you know your PM readings?

Our Indoor Air Quality Services include Air Disinfectors with a highly effective 6-Step air filtration process with UVC disinfection to remove dangerous air-borne pathogens.

Among other features, our Air Purifiers measure and remove fine particulate matter in the 2.5 PM range. Fine particles (2.5 PM) pose the greatest health risk (which is where the recent COVID-19 virus predominately measures). These fine particles can get deep into the lungs and sometimes the bloodstream and cause serious health problems.

Improving the quality of the air we breathe and the cleanliness of the surfaces we touch have a profound effect on our health and wellbeing. As we continue to envision what the “new normal” is like, it is imperative to consider the impact that indoor air quality (IAQ) has on one’s health and productive environments.

Clean Air for Schools

Flu Season

Viruses and bacteria (PM2.5)


Allergy Season

Dust, pollen, smoke, mold, chemicals (PM10 & 2.5)


Indoor Pollutants

VOCs, Formaldehyde, Gases, etc.


Unhealthy Buildings

Mold, Humidity, Poor Ventilation, Electronic pollution


Watch a breakdown of the inside and features of the White Coat Air Disinfector.

Clean air and indoor air quality are critical for your health and well being. White Coat Air Disinfectors remove dangerous pathogens from indoor air through 6 stages of air disinfecting  because You Are What You Breathe™.

    White Coat Air Disinfector
    White Coat Air Disinfector
    White Coat Air Disinfector
    White Coat Air Disinfector

    Air Disinfector Features

    • Internal Air Meter constantly measuring and adjusting fan filtration as needed automatically.
    • Digital reading cycles through current Temperature C°, PM2.5 and Humidity values.
    • Broadcasts negative ions (Anion Generator) before the air gets filtered though the other 5 stages of disinfection: Pre-filter, HEPA, Activated Carbon, Photocatalyst, UV Light.
    • Fan control, Timer settings, Auto mode, Silent mode, Reset for Dark mode.


    We offer two types of air disinfectors–Wall-mounted and Standalone. Following are the benefits of wall-mounted air purifiers:

    A wall-mounted unit has a great benefit for children, the elderly and pets. It is off the floor and out of their reach. This eliminates the danger of it toppling or tripping over it and possibly causing injury. Additionally, the children will not be tempted to fiddle with the controls and impact the unit’s performance.

    They keep smaller workspaces organized and free of clutter while enjoying the benefits of cleaner air.

    Wall mounted White Coat Air Disinfector


    Navigating through this pandemic has taught us the critical need to place a higher priority on indoor air quality in our workplaces and in our schools. We have been reminded about the effects air quality has on our health and wellbeing.

    Implementing indoor air quality services and solutions will help keep our employees, students and families safe from COVID-19, the flu, bacteria and other airborne pathogens.

    You are what you breathe

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